EWACS in a Nutshell

All for One, One for All

Deciding on which application suits the organization the most could take a while. Top management might have to consider few aspects before committing to any application subscription, whether it is worth the pay or not. Being aware of the situation, we have a solution to ease your decision making process. Hence, we have developed a single application that shall fulfill the need of access control, time attendance, HR, and security management. Not only it provides you the efficient management of multiple systems, but it shall also reduce the need for additional cost and training.

Access Control at The Fingertips

EWACS provides a web-based access control solution; the ideal solution for organization that is practicing fast-pace working environment. Those who want to manage their own access control solution but wish to keep away from issues such as managing operating systems, software upgrades, and compatibility issues. Now, the organization can access and manage their system from any Internet connection—anywhere anytime.

Security Through And Through

EWACS helps to secure a building and its compound 24/7 for protection against the threat of ‘uninvited visitors’ or the time-wasting visitors. The security aspects include the CCTV surveillance, the monitoring of staff and visitors access flow, guard tour patrolling patterns, etc. If an emergency situation or a breach occurs, the alert notification shall be displayed on EWACS to notify the security personnel for further actions. Long story short, EWACS enables organization to monitor each staff and visitor movement the moment they enter the compound.

Seamless Integration

The integration capability of EWACS is making it easier for organization to execute major enhancements to the existing systems, or to significantly improve the operation of new security systems. This could eliminate the confusion and compatibility issues brought on by different systems from many manufacturers. EWACS shall fully integrate either via proprietary communication protocol or widely accepted open communication protocol.

Real-time Online Events

EWACS enables you to view the entire staff and visitor movements at site with minimal clicks & touch. A prompt notification shall be displayed whenever a situation occurs such as card transaction, controller status, and security alert. This helps to improve the security of your site and shows you when and where an event occurred. This is particularly useful for sensitive sites where an intruder can pose a serious threat and extra protection is a must.

Say Goodbye To Flickering Page Refresh

Often in many other applications, page reloading seems to take ‘forever’ to refresh hence slows down the operation activities. We, on the other hand, prefer to be different and advanced than others. EWACS uses AJAX technology which eliminates flickering problem during web page refresh for real time event. The AJAX technology enables user to update parts of the webpage without reloading the whole page.

EWACS for Access Control

Every organization ought to have an extensive access control system to ensure the whole building is thoroughly secured in every aspect. EWACS makes it easy for an organization to manage end-to-end access control in the building and its compound. The integration with various types of access control such as doors, vehicle barriers, pedestrian turnstile, and its locking mechanism allows real-time control movements and send the transaction straight to EWACS.

EWACS for Security & Surveillance

Some organizations might not be aware of how important surveillance method and security management are and find all security system a hassle. But that is also why we develop this system, which is to complete the entire criteria of a good centralized security system. EWACS encompasses various security aspects such as alarm handling, maps, CCTV surveillance, and guard tour. We design our system to be the one security tool that organization will ever need. Each security events will be recorded and sent to the EWACS real-time. It will be displayed in the graphical map display and requires security personnel to acknowledge the event to indicate that the situation is solved.


EWACS is not only developed to fulfill the security needs of your organization, but it is also specifically designed to serve as a tool for the HR practitioner to conduct HR practices; right from recruitment, payroll, through the termination and pension management for each staff. HR with EWACS is much more organized and systematic as everything about HR is consolidated in a single application.

EWACS for Time Attendance

Time attendance for every organization is considered as one of the crucial factor to measure the productivity of staff. Business owners or top management need to make sure they are keeping careful track of employee attendance to evaluate staff’s performance and for calculation of additional wages owed to them such as OT or other types of claims related to their attendances. EWACS allows organization to monitor each staff’s time-in and time-out. As many organization wishes to use the door access as the point to capture attendances, door access or a dedicated time recording terminal (TRT) shall be assigned to capture attendances. The TRT can be smart card or finger print based.

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